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    As retired teacher Josh spends time in Italy where his daughter was recently murdered, he discovers that he knew less about her than he had thought Many surprising things about her come to light, some of which any father probably would rather not know Murder at St Peters definitely can hold the reader s interest with murder, suicide, drugs, narrow escapes from imminent death, a bar fight, interesting characters and travels throughout Italy I found it interesting that Josh was able to ingratiate himself into the lives of so many of the characters in Italy and that most spoke English Drug lords and a police detective, for instance Other parts stretched the believability fac...

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    The characters are wonderfully fleshed Each character serves a definite purpose and add to the tight narration Almost all the characters have interesting past, kind of stir up the Freudian analysis.

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Murder at St. Peters A Woman In St Peter S Wedding Chapel, With Her Throat Slashed A Dead Man In St Peter S Chair, On The Main Altar These Are The Grim Sights A Group Of Tourists Are Treated To One Early Morning In Rome, Italy.What Would You Think If The Stranger In Your House Was Your Own Daughter Parents Are The Lifetime Guardians Of Their Children, But What If You Failed At That Task These Are The Feelings Of Josh Roberts As He Discovers His Daughter Has Been Murdered, And The Life She Had Been Living Was Light Years Away From What He Had Thought.Julie Roberts Worked In Rome As A Tour Director For The Vatican As She Grew Up Josh Had Known Her As A Smart Lively Girl Who Could Take Care Of Herself With Her Sense Of Adventure, It Seemed Natural To Him That She Would Take A Job With A Travel Agency And Then Branch Out Into Directing The Tours Themselves.Julie Always Had A Special Relationship With Her Mother, But Josh Had Constantly Felt The Absence Of Any Closeness Between Him And His Daughter He Had Put These Feelings Aside Because Of How Successful Julie Had Been At School And In The Work Force He Knows She Has Created A Fine Life For Herself.Then, Just As Josh Is Retiring From Teaching Word Has Come About Julie S Death, And Josh S Real Knowledge About His Daughter Begins What He Finds Out About Her Life Shocks Him To The Core He Feels He Hasn T Really Been There For Her, But Maybe He Can At Least Make It Up To Her By Finding Her Killer Josh Travels To Italy And Runs Into Thieves, Drug Dealers, And Finally A Serial Killer It S Not The Retirement Josh Envisioned.