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  • Paperback
  • 251 pages
  • By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead
  • Julie Anne Peters
  • German
  • 02 June 2019
  • 9783440128176

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    STOP this is the second part of a conversation about this book i got caris sloppy seconds to read the first part, please click here Caris Maybe it was just your personality Perhaps you re just not the type of dude who gets bullied You know, badassery and whatnot I certainly cave on this point The book was unbelievable Both the website and Santana were only there to keep the girl from killing herself Of course, all books do this It seems that the bar is just set lower for teen fiction This is one of those cases, as are most of the books I ve read recently, where the plot of the book insults the intelligence of the reader Teenagers are dumb, didn t you hear It s funny and logical that you bring up 13 Reasons Why Over the past few days, I ve come to realize that I like this book so much because of how much I hated Asher s book I fucking hated 13 Reasons Why The message killed me Compare, for a moment, Hannah s complaints and Daelyn s Best ass in school vs assaulted in the bathroom Flirted with her vs made fun of her weight The playing field is not level Hannah killed herself for everyday shit At least Daelyn s shit was painful enough to warrant her choice I didn t like that Asher led the reader to believe that its reasonable to...

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    BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, I LL BE DEAD tore my insides raw As I read, I screamed I cried I threw the book across the room I apologized and cradled it delicately in my hands I also chuckled and fell in love with the characters, flawed as they all are Julie Anne Peters is nearly unmatched when it comes to writing about difficult, taboo, controversial, and absolutely necessary subjects, and her latest book is a terrifying masterpiece that deserves to find its way into everyone s hands.Daelyn is not an easily likable protagonist I hope to God that very few of us out there can actually understand where she is coming from, a dark and frightening world so terrorized, so beaten, so loveless that, for her, suicide is a form of salvation And yet, as she slowly reveals to us her bullied past, we invariably find ourselves at once within her, shocked into silence at what we experience being her, and at her side, emotionally invested in attempting to give her hope It s a powerful duality of readers position that only the most skilled of novelists can achieve.And indeed, Julie Anne Peters incredible writing skills are brilliantly showcased in this book Daelyn s voice is cynical and snarky without being overwhelmingly pity inducing Peters ...

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    Teen suicide Not an easy subject to think or talk about This book tells the story of Daelyn She s 15 and determined to die this time Yes, you read correctlyshe s tried to kill herself before and failed This time she knows it will work A victim of bullies, she can t face life any She thinks everyone will be happier without her One day after school she meets Santana and things start to look a little different, but is it too late As a mother of a child who was bull...

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    I think that some of the reviews on here are a little biased, seeing as some of you reading this book don t understand that type of pain Daelyn was in before she offed herself I read this book a while ago when I was still in high school, and it was so beautifully painful for me I was the new girl who underwent bullying along with personal tragedies my sopho year I ended up in an institution for having suicidal tendencies and characteristics And yes, at one point, I planned out my death I remember being in so much pain, but only inside Daelyn was being torn to shreds by the pain, and she was willing to go to any lengths to stop it Suicide is not a way to stop life, but to stop pain There is no lack of character depth with Daelyn She s exactly what she is A girl in agonizing pain There is nothing to that She doesn t do anything besides read and sit at her computer, because there is nothing else she is capable of doing with that state of mind I love the way she was portrayed It is truly like that When you re bullied and broken, you don t let people close, not even for a moment Yes, there is always doubt in your mind, even when people follow through with suicide, they were doubting it at one point For people to say that the author did not give her much of a personality, or did not ma...

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    This book ticked me off than any I ve read since My Sister s Keeper Just like Picoult s book, this novel slapped me in the face at the end and negated whatever positive experience I might have gained from it.By the Time You Read This could have been a good book It was fast moving and compulsively readable Then I got to the end and literally said out loud, What the hell Without giving too much away, I ll say this Cliffhangers can be effective literary devices when done well Mentally dropping the reader off the cliff, however, just frustrates It makes me feel like the author or editor or publisher is just too lazy or too uncommitted to write a resolution Don t get me invested in characters and then not even tell me what bloody happens.In terms of subject matter, it would be virtually impossible not to compare this novel to Jay Asher s 13 Reasons Why Both discuss an important issue in today s youth in a creative way Asher blows Peters ou...

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    While I m glad that books like this one are out there to encourage teens to seek help and find reasons to go on rather that committing suicide, I m still not a huge fan of suicide self harm stories, especially when they try so hard to be dark that it just comes across as overdramatic I found myself liking Santana as a character much than Daelyn, who spends most of her time hanging around on a bizarre pro suicide website why do such things exist Why don t the police try to get a handle on them the way they started doing with the pro anorexia websites and instead of coming across as an easy character to sympathize with, she came across as one of those emo kids from my old high school who obsessed over all this stuff Make no mistake, the subject matter itself is nothing to trivialize Daelyn was bullied for being overweight as a kid and it s something lots of other kids in the real world face every day I remember when I was in elementary school, the two overweight students in my class were routinely taunted with the chanted nicknames fatty...

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    Daelyn has been demeaned, bullied, tortured and almost raped through her years in school For some reason, the teachers and principals always believe the other students, making her feel further bullied Daelyn was overweight most of her life and that was the main fodder for the bullies, but not all She tried to make her parents listen, but they just passed it off as kids being kids Her mom went on diets with her saying it would be fun and her father would sneak food to her at night She was sent to fat camp where they were tortured with emotional abuse and physical exercise beyond their limits She final went home when a boy died But that was before She has made a few attempts to take her life and failed The last attempt, pouring bleach and ammonia down her throat only resulted in a burned stomach lining and collapsed esophagus She has to wear a heavy neck brace, can t talk, and all her food has to be pureed She doesn t realize that she s become a frail, skinny, looking girl And that she s pretty.Daelyn flies under the radar It s what keeps her safe and how she plans to slip from this world without anyone knowing her plans Her father moni...

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    This book was hard, but at the same time it was so enthralling Reading so openly about bullying and a parasuicidal kid made my stomach into a knot, but I couldn t keep my eyes off the book until I was finished with it It is short, but at the same time, it feels so long Not because it s boring, but because the topics it talked about felt so important, maybe I m not sure what s the right word for it I m not sure there s a right word for it.If you enjoyed Willow , by Julia Hoban, this is definitely a boo...

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    Check out my video review here

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    2 5 bought at the book fair mibf2015 view spoiler Okay Maybe I am rating this one so low but I guess It just didn t hit me that hard.I ve read loads of stuff like this, tackling bullying and suicidal tendencies of youngsters, and there are a few which really stood out unfortunately, this one didn t.I just found it cliched, for one, because the narration of Daelyn s story and experiences sounded as if she s looking at the situation shallowly and as if she isn t problematic at all It wasn t really clarified if she attempted to kill herself because of her past problems or if she has new ones.Yes, she talks about her obesity issues and the tragic fate she had at fat camp But look, she even gets skinny at the end, to the point that Santana hits on her See The problem of this book is having poor character development and being quite heavy on dialogues Daelyn became a poor character with low self esteem She seemed weak and dumb enough to follow tips from the internet on how to end her life I just don t get why people nowadays dwell on popularity and stuff online, as if that s gonna last and make you a star what like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian Go ahead and post some nudes I kind of felt bad because it should ve tackled a lot of teenage issues and could ve helped teenagers going through a rough time being teenagers.All this time I f...

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About the Author: Julie Anne Peters

Julie Anne Peters was born in Jamestown, New York When she was five, her family moved to the Denver suburbs in Colorado Her parents divorced when she was in high school She has three siblings a brother, John, and two younger sisters, Jeanne and Susan.Her books for young adults include Define Normal 2000 , Keeping You a Secret 2003 , Luna 2004 , Far from Xanadu 2005 , Between Mom and Jo