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    I format build books, many of them metaphysical I personally am not a metaphysical type of person, like I need to see it, feel it, touch it to believe it But at this point halfway through with the formatting for the conversion I am intrigued I am actually reading this book WORD FOR WORD which is not the way I build books Normally I skim through the ebooks I build because I have to pay too much attention the the HTML coding I am doing Needless to say, this is turning into an amazing story no matter if you believe in reincarnation or not.Join Kent as she takes you on her mystical journey through life The fatal car accident of her lover, Russell, in 2005, has an unforeseen outcome Not only does he let her know that he is still alive and with her, but he also reveals specific details names, dates, places, events of a future life they will have together when reincarnating in the middle of the 21st century as Mark and Eva Wexford But he doesn t stop hereHe says tell our story and asks that a time ca...

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    Kent did an excellent job of expressing her true feelings in this book I know this to be true because she is my aunt Her journey she shares with you is very personal However, she felt compelled to share it and I admir...

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Love Promise: A Future Life Revealed A True Story A True Story The Continuation Of Life And Love In Spite Of TragedyJoin Kent As She Takes You On Her Mystical Journey Through Life The Fatal Car Accident Of Her Lover, Russell, In 2005, Has An Unforeseen Outcome Not Only Does He Let Her Know That He Is Still Alive And With Her, But He Also Reveals Specific Details Names, Dates, Places, Events Of A Future Life They Will Have Together When Reincarnating In The Middle Of The 21st Century As Mark And Eva Wexford But He Doesn T Stop HereHe Says Tell Our Story And Asks That A Time Capsule Be Buried 1300 Miles Away It Is To Be Opened July 24, 2067 When Asking Why, It Was Simply Stated, It Is Time For The Truth To Be Known Along With Her Father, Wick, Who Crossed In 1995, Russell Helps Kent To Unravel Some Of Life S Greatest Mysteries Including What To Expect For 2012 As Information Flowed Across This Etheric Wavelength This Beautiful Story Will Not Only Make You Laugh And Cry, It Will Also Reveal The Higher Truth Of Who We Are As Human Beings Living In Parallel Universes Or Finite Planes Of Light Kent Also Shares Her Captured Visions From Beyond The Veil A Gift On One Of Her Many Spiritual Scavenger Hunts This Journey Is Not Without The Watchful Eye Of Her Spirit Guide, St Thomas Of Aquinas, Who Guides And Consoles Her During Her Challenges On Earth And Brings Forth Many Beautiful Messages Everyone Loves A Love Story And To Combine It With Some Cutting Edge Thoughts About Science And Spirituality Will No Doubt Captivate Every Reader Kent Too Feels That Her Many Personal Experiences, Challenges And Triumphs, Could Be An Inspiration For Others As We All Search For Love In Our Lives, And The Deeper Meaning To Life Itself.