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Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage Dr Greg Smalley Draws From Research, Counseling, And His Own Marriage To Reveal The Benefits Of Conflict And How To Fight Productively.In This Counterintuitive Book, Author Dr Greg Smalley Maintains That Fighting Is Actually Good For A Marriage When Couples Fight, They Have The Opportunity To Get To The Real Issue Lurking Below The Surface About Money, Sex, In Laws, Kids, Etc And That Real Issue, Dr Smalley Says, Is Fear Fear Of Rejection, Inadequacy, Or Powerlessness, To Name A Few What Assuages These Fears Are Things Like Intimacy, Respect, Validation, Love, And Connection Learning To Take Advantage Of The Opportunity That Conflict Provides Is What This Book Is All About The Good News Of Fight Your Way To A Better Marriage Is That Conflict When Handled Correctly Is The Doorway To Intimacy And Under Standing As Dr Smalley Leads Readers Through The Many Faces Of Conflict, He Is Open And Candid About His Own Marriage And The Unproductive Fights He And His Wife Have Had He Uses His Fears And Emotional Triggers As Examples To Help Read Ers Discover Their Own Couples Will Learn How To Fight Their Way To A Better Marriage, Using The Skills, Concepts, And Exercises Shared In This Remarkable Book Typical Marriage Fights Money, Sex, In Laws, And Kids But What If Fights Could Trust, Respect, Intimacy, And Understanding WHAT IF CONFLICT IN MARRIAGE COULD BE A GOOD THING The Truth Is That Marriages And Spouses Can T Grow Without Conflict Some Of The Many Values Of Conflict Include An Opportunity To Break Old, Ineffective Patterns A Way To Guard Against Being Too Comfortable Or Too Complacent, Which Breeds Mediocrity And Boredom Insight Into Your Own Personal Issues A Window For Viewing Each Other S Deepest Feelings And Needs Reduction Of Tension As Emotions Are Vented And Stress Is Released Greater Trust And Intimacy After Pushing Through Difficult And Heated Conversations Higher Levels Of Marital Satisfaction Every Time You Manage The Conflict Well The Sole Reason We Have The Amazing Experience Of Makeup Sex

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    I read this with a small group at my church with our pastor guiding our discussions I don t know if I would have got as much out of the book without my pastors leadership But I did enjoy reading with my husband and working together through the book.

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    For those of us that have been married for any length of time, we are bound to come to an impasse of sorts Call it a disagreement, a conflict, an argument or even a fight, but they are bound to happen No one can simply agree on everything all the time Even those in personal relationships can nod their heads yes, that this is simply a part of a relationship However in marriage those issues are likely about, money, sex, in laws, and kids But what if instead they could simply be about trust, respect, intimacy and understanding Is it possible that conflict in a marriage could be a good thing I think the answer is YES I personally believe that unless you have conflict, you can t grow.In the book, Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage, Dr Greg Smalley, author and Executive Director of Marriage at Focus on The Family, takes a deep look into how these conflicts within our marriages can lead us to deeper intimacy in our relationships He takes readers into his own struggles in his marriage and shows us...

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    Regardless of how long married, this new release has something for every couple Contrary to popular opinion, Dr Gary Smalley, Focus on the Family, teaches conflict can take you to deeper levels of intimacy, the subtitle of his November 6th release, Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage Where readers learn conflict is not only needed, conflict is necessary Smalley argues, relationships can t grow without it He also says, if couples learned to work out their conflicts, the overall divorce rate could be cut by over 50 percent He begins with the reactive cycle, illustrated by a diamond shaped diagram with buttons at the top and bottom framed by reaction buttons on either side Arrows point from one to the other to illustrate a cycle of conflict However, the buttons represent superficial issues that conceal underlying emotional triggers formed from childhood experiences.Such triggers, shaped by early wounds ...

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    This book has some great tools on resolving conflicts and how to build a stronger marriage through the inevitable conflicts.

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    I liked it I rented it from the library so I had limited time to delve into it but it was good

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    This is a great book to learn some skills and reveal some areas of improvement, or to start healing a very broken relationship You learn all about healthy conflict and how it can bring you closer.

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    Life ChangingI am struggling in my marriage For 13years I have been lost in this void This book has opened my eyes and I can t wait to put this new tools into play.

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