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    I think this is an awesome book for anybody that has a telescope and is interested in charles messier and his comet hunting effortswhich led to the findings of fuzzy objects also know as galaxies, star clusters, and nebuelas.good stuff I got my telescope out and Stephens information on how to...

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Deep-Sky Companions Charles Messier 1730 1817 Devoted Much Of His Life To Searching The Skies For Comets As He Continued His Comet Hunting, Messier Added Other Curious Deep Sky Objects To The List, Largely With Help From A Young Rival, Pierre Mechain By 1781 The Messier Catalog Had Grown To 103 Entries Two Centuries Later, Backyard Observers Still Consider Many Of The M Objects The Jewels Of The Night Sky All Are Splendid Targets For Viewing With Binoculars And Small Telescopes In Deep Sky Companions The Messier Objects, Renowned Visual Observer Stephen James O Meara Shows You How To Find And Enjoy M1 The Crab , M110 A Companion To M31, The Andromeda Galaxy , And Everything In Between It S An Indispensable Resource For Skygazers At All Levels Of Interest.