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    Note No explicit spoilers, it s on the level of a movie trailer or less, but some aspects of the book as described below may be perceived as such Jack is an intensely first person experience Initially, you are introduced to a character who is very much normal like most of us an average man who works at an average company who is in an average relationship and lives in an average house The only exception is the fact that he is continuously surrounded by living beings that are and this is made clear from the outset, even if not explicitly imaginary, but experienced in just as real a fashion as one would experience anybody else in the real word This is in fact the only part of his life that is different and, I daresay, somewhat exciting In much detail, every movement and reaction of the bear, the bird and the small child are described The descriptions are beautiful and vivid, but I am not always convinced that these actions are all that relevant to the story The meaning of some of the incidents involving the creatures which I shall not reveal in order to limit spoilers are unclear to me Perhaps a second look at the text will elucida...

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    Grade BL C Ratio 70 30 This means I estimate the author devoted 70% of his effort to creating a literary work of art and 30% of his effort to creating a commercial bestseller Thematic Breakdown 40% Delusion30% Lust20% Corporations10% LondonInsane people can make for fascinating literary characters, but I assume they must be incredibly difficult to create and write Toms embraces that challenge in Jack and succeeds on a number of levels The narrator s mania feels authentic and gets downright creepy at some moments Toms greatest achievement is the way he blends reality with hallucination, leaving scenes ambiguous enough to captivate the reader.Although the final pages of Jack deliver a satisfying conclusion, the plot could have been expanded to benefit the overall effectiveness of the story When we meet the narrator, his delusions are already pervading his daily life, and we ne...

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Jack Jack Is A Computer Engineer Living On The Outskirts Of London With His Long Term Girlfriend Hayley A Young Man In His Early Thirties, He Faces On A Daily Basis An Unusual Internal Struggle That Reflects On The World Around Him His Cynical Attitude And Attempts At Naive Self Analysis Have Produced Insane Results.Unfortunately For Jack It Seems That His Mind Is Lost And The Result Is A Trail Of Self Destruction As He Frantically Tries To Re Establish His Identity.