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The Non Nonprofit A Top Business Leader Shares The Business Principles He Used To Launch Both A Top Company And A Thriving NonprofitNonprofit Leaders Know That Solving Pervasive Social Problems Requires Passion And Creativity As Well As Tangible Results The Non Nonprofit Shares The Same Business Principles That Drive The World S Best Companies, Showing How They Can And Should Be Applied To The Realm Of Nonprofits Steve Rothschild Personally Crossed Sectors When He Left Corporate America To Found Twin Cities RISE , A Highly Successful Poverty Reduction Program His Honest Story, And Success And Missteps, Create An Essential Roadmap For Any Social Venture Looking To Prove And Boost Its Impact.Distills Essential Nonprofit Principles Such As Having A Clear And Appropriate Purpose, Creating Economic Value From Social Benefit, And Establishing Mutual AccountabilityShares Successful Approaches From Innovative Organizations Such As Grameen Bank, Playworks, Common Ground, Habitat For Humanity, Lumni, Caring Bridge, College Summit And RISE Draws From The Author S Success In Founding And Building Twin Cities RISE , Which Trains Unemployed Minnesotans For Living Wage Jobs RISE Serves 1,500 Participants Each YearAs Insightful As It Is Inspiring, The Non Nonprofit Can Help Maximize The Positive Impact Of Any Nonprofit.

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    The hubris here is amazing The author makes his fortune peddling Yoplait, one serving of which hassugar than the recommended total daily intake for an adult, and he wants respect for selling that as nutrition for kids If he were establishing his credibility as evil marketer of the decade, that would be fine, but ...

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    I did this book as an audio book, and found it highly practical and informative, yet not easily transferable to the nonprofit I direct If you run a nonprofit that helps people get education and equipped to join the workforce and get a great job, you will love this book If your nonprofit focuses on simply helping the poor, getting people food and water and essentials, etc, not much help will be found Overall though, an inspiring read about a businessman who left his high paying job to do what I d...

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    The information is rather straightforward not into all the numbers, etcetera, but he seems to have a strong scientific understanding in the data he is expressing, although a few hundred less pages would be almost better for some less confusing, depending on readers .

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    I wouldn t recommend this book to everyone, because this isn t a genre that I typically like I don t enjoy business or self help even remotely However, because of my current employment this book was extremely enlightening and interesting.

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    Reasonably good book I got a good idea about how to assess who your true customer is when you are a NFP.

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    I was fully prepared to hate this book, as someone who resists the corprotization of nonprofits with every fiber of her being In fact, there is a small scuff mark from where I threw the book on the floor during the introduction But Surprisingly, there were some grains of wheat among the chaff Unlike many books in this genre, the author recognizes nonprofits uniqueness, i.e that you cannot just cut and paste corporate concepts to the NP sector Ior less agree with all 7 principles, an I was fully prepared to hate this book, as someone who resists the corprotization of nonprofits with every fiber of her being In fact, there is a small scuff mark f...

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    You can probably get most of what you need by reading the first couple chapters While the advice isn t rocket science, it s simple and effective The author has been incredibly effective with the organization he started in St Paul and has pioneered many t...

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