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The Silverado Squatters by Robert Louis Stevenson, Fiction, Historical, Literary The Scene Of This Little Book Is On A High Mountain There Are, Indeed, Many Higher There Are Many Of A Nobler Outline It Is No Place Of Pilgrimage For The Summary Globe Trotter But To One Who Lives Upon Its Sides, Mount Saint Helena Soon Becomes A Center Of Interest It Is The Mont Blanc Of One Section Of The Californian Coast Range, None Of Its Near Neighbors Rising To One Half Its Altitude It Looks Down On Much Green, Intricate Country It Feeds In The Spring Time Many Splashing Brooks From Its Summit You Must Have An Excellent Lesson Of Geography Seeing, To The South, San Francisco Bay, With Tamalpais On The One Hand And Monte Diablo On The Other To The West And Thirty Miles Away, The Open Ocean Eastward, Across The Corn Lands And Thick Tule Swamps Of Sacramento Valley, To Where The Central Pacific Railroad Begins To Climb The Sides Of The Sierras And Northward, For What I Know, The White Head Of Shasta Looking Down On Oregon.Wikipedia The Author S Experiences At Silverado Were Recorded In A Journal He Called Silverado Sketches, Parts Of Which He Incorporated Into Silverado Squatters In 1883 While Living In Bournemouth, England, With Other Tales Appearing In Essays Of Travel And Across The Plains Many Of His Notes On The Scenery Around Him Later Provided Much Of The Descriptive Detail For Treasure Island 1883.

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    This book is somewhat of travel memoir for Robert Louis Stevenson who spent about one year in California before returning to Europe and ultimately Samoa, where he died is buried It is a story of Stevenson and his new bride squatting in the abandoned housing of an old mine, the Silverado The abandoned silver gold mine is on Mt Saint Helena near the Napa wine country town of Calistoga Stevenson describes the natural beauty of the ar...

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    Short, interesting little book about the Napa Sonoma area in the late nineteenth century.

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    Honestly I do not believe this story deserves such a low rating as three stars Nonetheless I have given such an appraisal simply because the story was uninteresting to me Robert Louis Stevenson s writing is amazing, and flo...

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    The happiest lot on earth is to be born a Scotchman You must pay for it in many ways, as for all other advantages on earth You have to learn the paraphrases and the shorter catechism you generally take to drink your youth is a time of louder war against society, ofoutcry and tears and turmoil, than if you had been born, for instance, in...

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    It s amazing to me how he can write about something so simple and uninteresting yet so perfectly make you feel like you are there He captures your interest by the deep realism and understanding of humans and how they see the world The subject was not that interesting but the writing is so so good.

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    Interesting view on early California history The place seemed so small then.

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    A most interesting honeymoon, spent in an old mining camp, on Mount Saint Helena in California, Stevenson rarely mentions his new wife He does a remarkable job in fleshing out the other characters in his tale, including an odd respectful anti semitism no doubt fashionable in that time, and some curious thoughts and bright observations of the fellow inhabitants of the mountain Most impressive are his physical depictions of the the mountain the fog rolling in, like a great andulivian flood, w A most interesting honeymoon, spent in an o...

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    a nice little novella of Stevenson s rustic honeymoon on a mountain above Calistoga in a deserted mining camp I chose this book because I wanted to read a story with my boys that had mellifluous writing, withcomplex vocabulary but was still accessible This was a good choice, since we had familiarity with A Childs Garden of Verses and Treasure Island , and the local tie in Each chapter is a li...

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    Rating rata 2 kisah 2 perjalanan Mr Stevenson ini An Inland Voyage 3 bintangLumayan lucu, tapi lucu lucu sinis dan kurang seru Travels with a Donkey 3.5 bintangModestine ,,, begitu keledai ini muncul, aku jadi tertarik bacanya Silverado Squatters 2 bintangPerjalanan bulan...

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    Who knew RLS wrote nonfiction so eloquently and even reverently Highly recommended if you live in or love California s wine country, of and on which he waxes poetic, transporting you to a place and time that s almost mythical H...

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