Free ↠ Who's Been Sleeping in My Porridge? By Colin McNaughton –

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Who's Been Sleeping in My Porridge?
  • Colin McNaughton
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9780763613808

10 thoughts on “Who's Been Sleeping in My Porridge?

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    A funny daft book full of poems and pictures to help intrigue children with poetry and may encourage children to make up their own poems.The main poem is who s been sleeping in my profile and Colin mcnaughton...

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    Another set of fab poems from McNaughton A bit crackers Different poetic forms Some longer poems, some shorter ones A real mixture to sue in class My Y5 boys used to just love dipping in to it especially the T Rex Taverna how many times did they read that

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    Poems are completely not my type However, this book has a lot of silly and funny poems While I was reading, I kept on laughing so much I recommend this book if you want to laugh a lot.

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    This is one of my favourite children s poetry books It is funny and quirky with a poem to put a smile on everyone s face My favourite is On Your Head be it This poem is about having things on your head like a can of beans, banana skin, a shoe, rubber glove, all very random things It is really quite funny and most children will laugh at one point or another Another poem I really like The Un Appy Burguller which ends in the burglar being robbed This book is filled with a poem for everyone It could be used for children of all ages It could be used for poetry writing or wri...

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    This is my favourite poetry book of all time, I have had it about 20 years and I can recite most of the poems even though I haven t read it in about 15 years Two example of the poems Mum is having a baby I m shocked I m all at sea What s she want another one for WHAT S THE MA...

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    McNaughton, Colin PB

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Who's Been Sleeping in My Porridge?In Who S Been Sleeping In My Porridge, The Irrepressible, Ever Irreverent Colin McNaughton Creator Of Verses To Be Read When Grownups Aren T Around Presents An Exuberant Collection Packed With Puns, Parodies, And Playground Humor Featuring Such Worthy Poems As Don T Stick That Marble Up Your Nose And Itchy Feet, As Well As McNaughton S Equally Outrageous Illustrations, This Book Is Rated A Solid Five Raspberries.A Must For Long Car Trips In Wish You Were Here And I Wasn T , The Popular Colin McNaughton Is As Around The Bend And Far Gone As Ever Side Splitting Illustrations Set Off Such Gems As I M Off To Treasure Island, Aliens On Vacation, And Are We Nearly There Yet Providing Hours Of Fun For Itinerant Fans And Armchair Travelers Alike.

About the Author: Colin McNaughton

Growing up in his native England, the young Colin McNaughton had little indication that he would one day become an author illustrator There were no books at all in his parents home, he recalls, but there were always comics These were his formative literature, and their slapstick humor has been a lasting influence I ve been talking about the comic format for years, he says It s the modern w