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Catherine House A Seductive, Gothic Infused Tale Of Literary Suspense The Debut Of A Spectacular New Voice About A Dangerously Curious Young Undergraduate Whose Rebelliousness Leads Her To Discover A Shocking Secret Involving An Exclusive Circle Of Students And The Dark Truth Beneath Her School S Promise Of PrestigeYou Are In The House And The House Is In The WoodsYou Are In The House And The House Is In You Catherine House Is A School Of Higher Learning Like No Other Hidden Deep In The Woods Of Rural Pennsylvania, This Crucible Of Reformist Liberal Arts Study With Its Experimental Curriculum, Wildly Selective Admissions Policy, And Formidable Endowment, Has Produced Some Of The World S Best Minds Prize Winning Authors, Artists, Inventors, Supreme Court Justices, Presidents For Those Lucky Few Selected, Tuition, Room, And Board Are Free But Acceptance Comes With A Price Students Are Required To Give The House Three Years Summers Included Completely Removed From The Outside World Family, Friends, Television, Music, Even Their Clothing Must Be Left Behind In Return, The School Promises Its Graduates A Future Of Sublime Power And Prestige, And That They Can Become Anything Or Anyone They Desire Among This Year S Incoming Class Is Ines, Who Expects To Trade Blurry Nights Of Parties, Pills, Cruel Friends, And Dangerous Men For Rigorous Intellectual Discipline Only To Discover An Environment Of Sanctioned Revelry The School S Enigmatic Director, Vikt Ria, Encourages The Students To Explore, To Expand Their Minds, To Find Themselves And Their Place Within The Formidable Black Iron Gates Of Catherine For Ines, Catherine Is The Closest Thing To A Home She S Ever Had, And Her Serious, Timid Roommate, Baby, Soon Becomes An Unlikely Friend Yet The House S Strange Protocols Make This Refuge, With Its Worn Velvet And Weathered Leather, Feel Increasingly Like A Gilded Prison And When Baby S Obsessive Desire For Acceptance Ends In Tragedy, Ines Begins To Suspect That The School In All Its Shabby Splendor, Hallowed History, Advanced Theories, And Controlled Decadence Might Be Hiding A Dangerous Agenda That Is Connected To A Secretive, Tightly Knit Group Of Students Selected To Study Its Most Promising And Mysterious CurriculumCombining The Haunting Sophistication And Dusky, Atmospheric Style Of Sarah Waters With The Unsettling Isolation Of Kazuo Ishiguro S Never Let Me Go, Catherine House Is A Devious, Deliciously Steamy, And Suspenseful Page Turner With Shocking Twists And Sharp Edges That Is Sure To Leave Readers Breathless

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    i ve heard from a trusted source that this book gives rotten fruit the appreciation it DESERVES and therefore, i am very excited to read it

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    School of selected, special, successful, superior students too many S letters in a sentence seems like special spell Oh no Again too many s letters make me feel like stuck in a spell made me think Hey, we have some kind gothic, intriguing thriller, understandable and less brain cell killer version of Ninth House yes, I was not intelligent enough to enjoy that book or some kind of Truly Devious trilogy s murder mystery with just a little Hogswarts vibes I have to emphasize that world building and creepy, eerie, dark atmosphere the author created was splendid I was always a big fan of dark boarding school mysteries, mind games, the secrets behind closed doors, a murderer walks around the corner and he or she can be anyone sits behind you or your best friend or your boyfriend holds the pillow on your face to choke or appear at your bathroom like his spirit captured by Norman Bates and stabs you with newspaper I think this was Mel Brooks version of Psycho So yes wait for the unexpected things occur out of nowhere and be suspicious about everyone kind of tricky story telling always works well for me I think the book failed me for two big reasons even though it had a promising, stunning start I hate the protagonist I don t want to call her heroine because she is just creepy, living in her head with so many obsessions, introvert, feeble, indecisive, I didn t find any good qualities to like her just a little bit The other is pacing The story stopped in the middle of somewhere I feel like I was trapped in a school car in the snow storm and I cannot open the doors Well opening the door is not a solution if I will freeze to death and when I turn my head to the window, I realize the zombies banging on them They can break and jump inside any second So my over exaggerated imagination is scarier and entertaining than this book s dragged plot I think the author is really talented and created a great subplot with full of great ideas and this will be really enjoyable book without too many descriptions or slow burn mystery If the pace would be a little faster and captivating with interesting characters, this book could be one of my unputdownable, riveting thrillers that I may really enjoy reading.So I arranged myself a special place in Switzerland that means I m in the middle I didn t enjoy it but I didn t hate it because there were so many potentials and I still want to read works of the author Let s give solid three stars and wish that my next thriller will be heart throbbing.Special thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins Publishers, Custom House for sharing this interesting gothic book s ARC COPY in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    This definitely won t be a book for everyone, but I have to say that I really enjoyed the weird, quirky attributes this story had to offer Please do not confuse the author s brevity of content for writing that isn t fully expanded upon each scene is a slow, dread inducing dance that marries mystery with sensuality The revelations might not be shocking to the seasoned suspense reader, but I felt the overall draw is in the luscious setting and character interactions that gave me a foggy sense of the space between waking and dreaming If you enjoy books that leave you wondering what you just read, you can t miss Catherine House Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    3.5 We are living in a unsettling and uncertain time I think that is why I was drawn into this novel Catherine House is a very unusual school Past students of this school have graduated to become successes in many fields Prospective students are thoroughly vetted, nine hour interviews, recommendations and these are gone over with a keen eye Those accepted commit to three years, without the usual school vacations, leaving everything from their last behind All food, clothing, supplies and medical are provided Calls or letters home just be earned and paid for in points The school provides an experimental liberal arts curriculum Their real and very selective course is new materials, plasma studies.There is to this school than meets the eye as Inez finds out Getting in to this school was a surprise, but she has no intention of giving in to the atmosphere of the place Though in truth, because of an incident in her past she has no where else to go She forms friends and eventually learns the secret this school is hiding A secret few know So now what can Inez do An insular school, fully funded with little or no oversight by outside sources This was an entertaining in a strange way with a rather gothic toned atmosphere Definitely took my mind off our current situation Plasma the way it is used within might be effective now.

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    OK not only is this a Gothic novel, it s got an academia setting.YES to the YES, YES, YES.I ve applied to like three giveaways of this book on Goodreads I want a copy SOOOO BAD It sounds like everything I want in a book and I NEED it.Where s a working accio spell when you need one

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    Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.DNF 40%.I wasn t sure what to expect from Catherine House, and it ended up being very different from the types of books I usually read That s not necessarily a bad thing I think it s important to try new things and expand your horizons But it also might partially explain why this one wasn t for me.The synopsis of this book compares it to Never Let Me Go The two aren t exactly the same, but I think it s a fair comparison Both take place in isolated boarding schools where something sinister is going on behind the scenes Both elicited similar emotional reactions from me, a sort of melancholy feeling that s hard to escape And both were memorable and left an impression on me, even if the reading experience was unsatisfactory.The protagonist, Ines, was the main drawback of Catherine House, which is another similarity to Never Let Me Go I was not a fan of any of the characters in that book, nor was I fan of any of the characters in this one But Ines, in particular, was an unsympathetic, closed off, wishy washy protagonist and I didn t always enjoy being trapped inside her head Her narration fit perfectly with the overall tone of the book, but that didn t make me like her any , and I can t get through a book with an unlikable protagonist.I would say the main draw of Catherine House is that it is a dark, unsettling, mysterious, and deeply atmospheric read At first, I was intrigued by the house s secrets and wanted to know , which kept me reading I was worried the development of the story would suffer due to its short length, but Elisabeth Thomas had plenty of time for vivid descriptions and the slow build of a general sense of unease On the contrary, it was too long the plot dragged, and at a certain point, I knew I d go crazy if I tried to read this book all the way through to the end.I don t think this is a bad book and I don t think Thomas is a bad writer Her use of descriptive language, her ability to evoke emotion, and the way she builds an immersive atmosphere are all hallmarks of a very talented writer My problems with Catherine House are entirely subjective If you enjoyed Never Let Me Go or if you like the idea of a slow, weird, unsettling little book, you might love this one But I didn t.

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    This is such a pretty ARC, and it s giving me all kinds of Secret History and If We Were Villains vibesand it s blurbed by Rory Power YES Thank you to Custom House William Morrow for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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    DNF 15% Here, no one knew who I was or what I d done Why, why, why, do the protagonists in these academia campus novels always have a dark secret related to their dark past It would be different if the narrator mentioned their mysterious past later on in the narrative but here she alludes to it within the very first chaptersPlus, the narrator tries hard to be taken as this edgy, not like other girls girl and I m also kind of done with these type of characters My hair slunk over my shoulders in slutty waves that were dark with grease The above quote is an example of the cring y writing that wants to be gritty but succeeds only in being laughable.The whole Catherine institution is presented in such obviously creepy terms You will give to Catherine, and Catherine will give to you We will not let each other down I wonder whether Catherine is as idyllic as it seems expect I don t.All in all this novel combines clich after clich and offers this dark academia genre nothing new or interesting Catherine House rehashes well worn elements and reminded me of Good Girls Lie and Tell Me Everything which also happen to be rather uninspired novels.If the writing in Catherine House wasn t so ludicrously silly I would try to read some but life s too short.Read reviews on my blog View all my reviews on Goodreads

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    I was really excited for this one., For no reason it turns out The characters were undeveloped and the pace was slow. It would be better labeled a novel than psychological thriller because this book never gets you on the edge of the seat I instead fell asleep.

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    This book is set at a school between high school and college, unlike any other When you come to Catherine House you are expected to literally forget your life before, get rid of any physical attachments, and live at Catherine House for three years completely cut off and isolated from the world Apparently, this environment creates the best scholars Ines struggles to forget her past, as she is running from some very ugly things In her struggle she begins to do horribly in her studies, warranting a visit from the headmaster and a stay in the Tower to be fixed Soon, Ines comes back a perfect student with friends and a life outside of her classes She eventually dates one of her friends and realizes that she can be happy Not until the past starts creeping back in, after her roommate and original friend Barbara Baby dies Ines quickly begins to realize that something a bit sinister is happening at Catherine House and seeks to figure it out before it too late for her or any of her friends.This is one of those perfect autumn books there is a mystery, it a bit confusing and dreamlike, it is set at a secluded school tucked in the forest and cut off from the world, and some things just don t add up right I had a fun time reading this book and falling into Ines world at Catherine House First, the way the book is written in terms of character development and plot movement is brilliant Very quickly you get to know Ines and Baby, as well as other characters as the story progresses The characters are well developed, well written, and the dialogue feels realistic I could see this book being made into a really really fun movie There was never a point for me while reading where I felt that the characters were too stiff or the plot wasn t believable One thing I didn t like was the overarching mystery of why and what Ines was running for in the beginning This does grab you, but by the middle of the book it all but disappears I wish there had been a bit development of that detail or just a solid conclusion For me, this book reads full of teenage angst It made me think of Catcher in the Rye in that angsty teenagers are living together at school and learning to break free from what culture tells them while also learning laws of the world Don t get me wrong, these two books don t really connect in any other way I was just reminded of Holden s worldview and indifference and my brain contrasted that with Ines.What takes the cake for me is the lush setting of Catherine House, the almost dilapidated house and wings, and the overarching sinister, weird, and gloomy feeling of the setting You can almost feel the trees and forest choking the house and how cut off and protected it must feel Pair this with giving up three years of your life to be there and being cut off from culture, family, and outside friends and you have a very interesting plot and setting But really though, these elements combine to help create the setting for a great story.Last but not least, the ending really got me I am not sure I like the ending as it is because it almost seems to take away from the rest of the story and the power of Catherine House At the same time, it helps reveal facts about Catherine House such as why the structure itself was in such disrepair and the overall status of the school Either way you look at it, either still seem to adjust the power of Catherine House to the reader and make you rethink what you thought about the school when you started reading the book.Overall, this book was fantastic From the beginning I had a feeling that this would be a good one and I don t think I was wrong This book is due to be published May 12, 2020 and I am excited to see what other readers think about it

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